• Initial roadmap

    Initial roadmap

    Pure Nylon is not developed under a strict plan or any tight deadlines. It will be done, when it is done. So, we’re not making any promises on dates and what not, but here’s how we see things at the moment.

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  • Night-O


    Orienteering is the perfect nighttime activity, especially in Pure Nylon! In Pure Nylon you will be able to set not only the time of day, but also the date and location. Use of headlamp is optional. Everything to get the perfect light conditions! If you have any questions, suggestions or perhaps want to participate in…

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  • Pure nylon weather

    Pure nylon weather

    Though the game is far from done; one of the features that already is in place is dynamic weather. Here’s a video demonstrating some of the different types of weather available.

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  • Hello, world!

    Hello, world!

    This is the official announcement of Pure Nylon; an, in development, upcoming orienteering video game. Please enjoy this short teaser made with real in-game footage.

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